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Adventures in Wonderland!

September Willow Sparrow
19 May
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.//My name is Maddie //.
.//Im 27//.
.//Im not very good at wording things.//.
I love life most of the time.
I love my amazing Fiance
i can get myself worked up over the smallest things.

I try to make the best out of life.
I am not rude, just straight-forward
I'll tell you like it is.
But I can be a cool kid, when I want to be.
I am very random, picky, and stubborn.
I don't believe in Jesus.
I am studying the Wiccan Way.

I dont find humor in other peoples flaws.
but I do find humor in mine.

I love my family and friends with my everything
Their the only ones who truly understand me.
My fashion sense is a little whack. I love it.
i love school and learning
i love to write to penpals and i'm always looking for new ones.

i like randomness..­keep my attention. i don't stay involved long if you're boring.
.// My words tend to get me in trouble a lot.//.

I am the girl that everyone deems a good friend. I am the one who will listen to someone ramble for hours, because listening is what I do best. I crave support and good conversation.
I'm short..a whole 5'3 or 5'4. I tend to procrastinate often, in fact I am probably putting something off at this very moment. I drive with my music turned up loud enough that no one can hear my singing. I have had my heart broken more times then I can count. I could have probably avoided that if I didn't care about people so much, but I do. I am cheery, sometimes a bit of a weirdo. I like to laugh and make people laugh. I act like a kid as often as I can but I have a mature side too. I am working on standing up for myself. I try to be optimistic in all situations. I love the rain and warm summer nights. Snuggling is the best thing ever, right along with bubble baths. Don't assume that the way I dress or the music I listen to clarify who I am, I am much deeper then that.

respect me & i'll respect you.
disrespect me & i'll disrespect you.

I'm a simple girl who enjoys a simple life. I rarely break my routine.I want to make an impact on society. Sometimes I barely talk, sometimes I talk too much.I rarely get embarrassed because I can laugh at myself.I can guarantee you will have a good time with me. I see beauty in basically everything.I smile a lot.I go through the newspaper to find the comics. I drink a lot of vitamin water and I barely eat. I stutter at times. I'm not quick to judge. I have flaws that I'd like to change, but they make me who I am. I've grown up to be a respectful person to those who deserve respect. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to my life; don't tell me, show me.

People should learn that if you are nice, you'll gain more.

On dates with me, I want to sit on the couch drinking hot chocolate and draw pictures of each other with my favorite crayola crayons. I want to build snowmen with you and then takle them to the ground. I want you to call me just because you saw a commercial of the dumbest thing, and you thought of me.

i love talking about nothing. it's the only thing i know anything about.
i'm very observant, and notice the little things most people overlook.i live by one simple rule.

Be fabulous or stand outside.i love drinking awesome drinks from fancy glasses.

i can't make my own decisions, and i have no idea what i'm gonna do with my future. i guess i'm really just all about having fun For now. i google almost everything. its a habit. im thankful for everything & everyone in my life.i laugh and smile all the time. "experience"­ is the name i give to my past mistakes.i do what makes me happy. i have my way of doing everything and i'll do it my own way because i'm stubborn as anything.

i surround myself with positive and loving people. sometimes i say things without thinking. but usually my comments are really funny... at least they're funny to me...
too often...i put too much faith in people too quickly .i am always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and offer a second chance. i realize that everyone has made their share of mistakes. usually i try to forgive, but i never forget.