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mission 101 2011 results

101 in 365

Health/Beauty 200 situp challenge [ /200] 200 squat challenge [ /200]

3.get back into shape

4.reach goal weight of 95 lb

5.go snowboarding

6.exercise daily for 1 month [ /30 days]

7.drink only water for 1 month [ /30 days]

8.look after skin better

9.whiten teeth X2 [ 2 /2]

10.feel beautiful for 1 day happy with my appearence

12.get down to size 3/4

13.wear a dress confidently

14.grow hair long

15.get braces

16.walk w/ bailey daily for 1 month [ /30 days]

17.keep eyebrows waxed

18.become more fashionable

19.purchase better make-up/brushes

20.cut back on candy/junk food

21.tan again only fruit & veggies for 1 week [ /7 days]

23.wear make-up 25X [3/25]

24.go hiking w/ bailey [ 2 /2]

25.get +8 hours of sleep X30 [ /30]

26.walk wentworth stairs w/ bailey

27.100 1 hour walks [ /100]

28.go sledding

29.walk for 2 charities

-wiggle waggle walk-a-thon

-breast cancer


30.complete a photo journal (maybe to trade)

31.take pics of completed tasks (is possible)

32.leave 50 stickies of encouragement

33.make vision board

34.make own christmas card

35.knit/crochete something

36.write in live journal 2-3 times a week family christmas photo

38.take more pictures

39.paint more

40.make new planner

41.list of 100 things that make me happy

42.complete a photo project

43.complete 100 stranger project

44.complete 52 things on


46.complete a wreck this journal

47.create a new 101 list

48.write 25 things i like about me

49.finish list of 101 pictures


50.make deck more comfortable

51.grow something on deck

52.clean tank/find new lizard

53.put up wallpaper

54.put quotes on wall

55.organize house

56.create budget and follow it dishes X5 [ /5]

58.hang pictures

59.get ride of unneeded stuff

60.organize book shelves&drawers

61.clean storage/rid of junk

62.cook a holiday dinner

63.clean house every sunday

Money/to buy

64.donate 1$ to pet charity for each non completed task new wow computer- christmas present

66.have atleast $1000 in savings new ipod touch someone flowers just because

69.put money into savings monthly

70.get new glasses or lasik


71.finish travel studies

72.pass travel exam

73.take a train ride

74.visit a friend in USA

75.visit dad

76.go to eurpoe

77.get a passport

Read/Watch 3 classic movies[ 1 /3] 5 new movies[ 5/5] 5 non classic books[ /5] 5 classics[ /5] 25 books[ /25]


83.get hannahbelle to 85- completed on 1.1.11 10 pm

84.get second toon to 80

85.get engaged

86.get better job

87.get a car

Other a snowbear

89.finish word search books [ /3]

90.have a huge 25th birthday on signature

92.go to the beach list to LJ

94.bring bailey to indoor dogpark

95.redesign wing tattoo bomb wing tattoo

97.fix all tattoos

98.bath bailey once a week

99.go to museum X3 [ /3]

100.spend entire day in library

101.donate blood


complete a day in my life- completed on jan 22

start nail blog

50 /103 items

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