September Willow Sparrow (autumnxair) wrote,
September Willow Sparrow

intro post

so i figured i should do an intro post since i have reciently gained  a few new friends and havn't used this journal much.

my name is madison(nickname is princess) i'm 24 going to be 25 soon. i live with my boyfriend/hubby and our puppy bailey.

i work from home as a computer tech (renewing domain names and building websites) i'm currently studying to be in the travel industry. i paint my nails far too often and always have a new color on. i love anything colorful and sparkly.

i spend alot of time reading , writing in my planner/journal and playing WoW. i just switched from alliance proudmoore to horde darrowmere. after cataclyism launched the server wait time was over 45 min just to sign on. me and the hubby joined a friends guild which turned out to be a PvP guild trying to be both PvP and PvE. so we're kinda looking for a new guild that is PvE/Raiding. lol yes i just geeked out.

for christmas i got a new fujifilm DLSR camera so i will be taking more pictures.
this upcoming year i will be trying to complete my 101 in 1001 list which i try to do in 365 days instead of 1001 days.
for christmas i bought the hubby a FX lightsaber. he was like a small child.

my goal for 2011 is take more pictures, lose some weight and complete as much on my 101 list as i can.

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